'The Little Guys' - Coventry City of Culture 2021

On the 7th December 2017 Coventry received the extraordinary news that it would be UK City of Culture for 2021. I have been backing the bid from the very start, and anyone who is my friend on Facebook, or a follower of mine on Twitter (@podonnell2) will tell you that I have been extremely passionate about it. I'm so excited about what the next four years are going to bring, not just to the artists but to the whole city. The morning after receiving the news, after the buzz of jumping around with my colleagues in Coventry hearing the news (And having three very embarrassing appearances on national TV) I woke up at 5am and out of excitement couldn't get myself back to sleep. I decided to write

Rumblings. An interview with Little Earthquake

In November I spoke with Gareth Nicholls from Little Earthquake as part of their regular online Rumblings; a place for discussion with midlands based creatives. (To read more of Little Earthquakes Rumblings please click here). In this interview Gareth and I discuss Bon Jovi, audiences, creativity, and my unwavering passion for Coventry. Gareth: How would you describe We’ve Got Each Other for anyone hearing about it for the first time? Paul: We’ve Got Each Other is a full scale, no expenses spared, Bon Jovi musical… that is almost entirely imagined by the audience. With the modern jukebox musical traditionally comes a multi-talented cast, a live band (or orchestra if you are lucky), opulent s