WE've got
each other 

Commissioned by China Plate, mac Birmingham, Warwick Arts Centre and In Good Company.

Supported by Camden People's Theatre and Arts Council England.

The almost entirely imagined Bon Jovi Musical.

With the modern jukebox musical traditionally comes a multi- talented cast, a live band (or orchestra if you are lucky), opulent sets and decadent costumes, extravagant dance routines, dramatic key changes and the odd hydraulic lift or two. 

We’ve Got Each Other has none of these things (they cost a lot of money), but Paul still tries to create this all singing, all dancing spectacle using the powers of your imaginations.

Through entertaining descriptions of the show as it unfolds, and a hundred and eighty lighting cues, Paul invites the audience to ‘fill in the gaps’ and imagine the breath-taking tragic love story of Tommy and Gina.


Photo Credit: Simon K. Allen


Photo Credit: Simon K. Allen


Photo Credit: Jonny Fuller Rowe


Photo Credit: Simon K. Allen



is available for touring.

To find out more about the show, please download the Production Pack below.

[Winner of BE Festivals Early Ideas Award 2017]

[Winner of BE Festivals Audience Prize 2018]

[Winner of FITT Festival Tarragona’s Audience Prize 2018]

[Winner of FITT Festival Tarragona’s Best Performer Prize 2018]


Due to Covid19 restrictions Paul's 2020 tour dates have unfortunately been postponed or cancelled.
He hopes to continue touring We've Got Each Other in 2021.


Commissioned by:

Works Ahead, hAb Arts (2014)

Birmingham Repertory Theatre (2015)

Cataloguing a history of failures to impress — his mum, his dad, his peers — Paul foresees that nothing will please you… He will dance, he will sing, he will clown, he will become an angelic chorus… all in an escalating attempt to please you, the audience.

Nothing! explores our human need to feel like a 'something' rather than a 'nothing'. A tragi-comic look into the insecurity of the performer.

As part of this project Paul has had to learn how to use Chroma Keyer technology and edit what have since become infamously known as 'The Pauls'.

To view The Pauls in action please click the link below to be diverted to youtube...

BEautiful: Not the carole king musical

In October 2016, following the very first scratch of We've Got Each Other, Paul was commissioned by Arcola Theatre to create a version of the (above) show with their Over 50's community group as the musicals cast.

Paul performed, and collaborated alongside 26 members of the community group, and it was described by Arcola's Artistic Director Mehmet Ergen as "the best piece of non-professional anything I have ever seen".

Beautiful: Not the Carole King Musical had five shows across January 20th-22nd 2017 in Arcola Space 2, and returned for a one off special on April 30th 2017 in Arcola Space 1.


(So Far West is a piece designed to be performed in a cafe/bar)


A show led by a cowboy, a real, REAL cowboy.


Using everything he owns — his horse, his mystery, his gun, his fancy clothes, his secretive ways — the man and the myth will stand in front of you, and will try to prove himself to you; join him to discover the truth about the rootin’ tootin’ cowboy deep down inside everyone.


This bar IS a saloon. You ARE Buffalo Bill / the Sheriff / the Bad Cowboy / the Town Whore.

So Far West looks at our ability to imagine, and lose ourselves in the fictional worlds laid out for us.

 so far west 
 One thing on his mime 

(Work in Progress: fully formed 20min show, capability to be developed further)

Come and be seduced by this mime, come and see him perform inside the glass box, drink from the imaginary cup and be pulled along by the invisible rope.


He’s just like all the others, led by the same set of strict rules a mime must follow in order to be. But perhaps, hidden away in there, is a person underneath the face paint waiting to escape that ‘glass box’ he is trapped inside. 

Can the rules of being a mime really be so black and white?


Actresses in video: Aimee Berwick, Deborah Tracey, Jill Dowse

Pianist: Dave Culling

(Above is a video from Workshop Week 1 - Sep 2016)

Paul is grateful for the continued support of:


(Work In Progress)

Commissioned by:

Farewell has been Fully Commissioned by Birmingham Repertory Theatre (2016-17).

This is Paul's first full piece in which he is not performing at all but instead devising with three actresses and pianist Dave Culling.

Farewell will become a semi immersive experience exploring the final stages of a persons life, their last farewell to the world, and what that means to those around them. It will be presented in a spectacular fashion in the form of a farewell concert from a fictional sister trio act (The Watson Sisters) and will celebrate the impact we all have on the world (no matter how grand or petite that impact might be).


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