• Paul O'Donnell

We've Got Each Other ... the journey so far!

Last night I finally went and made a glorious spread-sheet that listed all of the tour dates for We’ve Got Each Other so far, and it was really great to reflect on the journey of the show.

The first performance of it EVER was a 15 minute scratch at Camden People’s Theatre on 24th April 2016 as part of Live 1 (Barrel Organ) where I thought it was going to be the worst performance I’ve ever made (turns out the audience there loved it). I did nothing with it again until October 2016 (Word of Warning) and it was only when it got Arts Council England Funding in July 2017 that it became the glorious beast that it is today, with support from China Plate and a whole host of other wonderful partners who saw ‘something’ in it and didn’t listen to those who were saying “It’s great as a 15minute performance… but I don’t think you can make it any longer”.

Well, since then We’ve Got Each Other has:

  • become a 65 minute performance

  • toured to numerous small studio theatres

  • and mid/large scale main stages

  • to audiences as big as 300

  • …and as small as 4 (one of whom happened to be a reviewer… who gave the show 5*)

  • it’s toured to America

  • and Spain

  • and somehow made a (small) profit at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

  • it’s hit two village halls in Devon

  • and an audience who had no clue what they were going to watch because the performance was “Hush Hush”

  • it’s toured to international festivals

  • and contemporary theatre festivals

  • and comedy festivals

  • and attempted to make itself fully accessible to D/deaf and B/blind audiences (as close to ‘fully’ as I possibly could anyway)

  • plus trialled three ‘relaxed performances’

  • it’s collected 67 Stars (including the 2 from Fringe Biscuit)

  • plus four international awards (including two Audience Awards)

We’ve Got Each Other’s most recent show (Wolverhampton Arena) was it’s 70th… and surprisingly… (because of the always unpredictable audiences I meet… yep you guys) I am STILL not bored of it! …or Livin’ on a Prayer!

It’s a show that I’m *still* to this date adapting and growing, and it constantly challenges what I do, and why I do it. It has been quite a journey, and is showing no signs of stopping just yet, with some more mega exciting WGEO news coming in the next few weeks!! (Super secret for now… sorry).

Don’t know if you agree, but I’d say that’s… alright!?

I simply CANNOT WAIT to show you my Balls!

(…next project name)

PS: these are just the positive bits… don’t be fooled into thinking there’s not been the low points too! [2*’s from Fringe Biscuit et al]