Syphony Of Us Text.png

We’ve got an orchestra.

We’ve got the cathedral.

We’ve got your bus fare covered.

All we need now is you.

Coventry is a self-deprecating city full of hidden gems and quiet pride. It is not a city that shows off. Using Coventry’s year as UK City of Culture we want to throw a spotlight on ‘us’ and create a brand new piece of theatre with an original epic score.


Join local artists Paul O’Donnell (Performer), Tessa Walker (Director), Daniel Fardon (Composer), a professional orchestra along with five other people from Coventry and together lets create a Symphony of Us. A symphony that celebrates each of your stories and our uniquely understated city.


Jump upon this once in a lifetime opportunity to perform accompanied by a live orchestra, in the new Coventry Cathedral, in February 2022. No experience is required – all we ask is that you currently live in Coventry and are enthusiastic about joining us on this exciting journey.

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